Oil Spill Contingency Services


oil spill responseOil spills are, unfortunately, common events in many parts of the UK. Preventing oil spills is the best strategy for avoiding potential damage to human health and the environment. However, once a spill occurs, the best approach for containing and controlling the spill is to respond quickly and in a well-organized manner. A response will be quick and organised if response measures have been planned ahead of time.

Marine Atlas Consultants have unrivalled experience providing oil spill sensitivity mapping services for use by all responders.

Key Services

Consultation and Scoping

  • Client advice
  • Local stakeholder and regulatory body liaison and consultation
  • Oil spill legislation and policy
  • Feasibility studies and scoping
  • Desktop studies (inc. site information and scientific literature)

Survey and Analysis

  • Risk assessments
  • Environmental auditing
  • Contingency planning

Reporting and Management

  • Coastal Protection Plans and Sensitivity Mapping
  • Oil Spill Contingency Plans – OSCP
  • Bespoke training and excercise support

Marine Atlas Consultants oil spill contingency project experience

Marine Atlas Consultants are building an exciting portfolio of experience in oil spill planning as a result of their work developing the oil spill sensitivity maps for Shetland, including the training of responders and support during an exercise. We continue to provide annual updates until 2017 and we take a keen interest in how this area of work is developing (in the EU and at UK level): Lorraine has presented twice to the Oil Spill Sensitivities Working Group led by OGUK. Visit our Project page for an example of our work…