Company Profile

FullSizeRenderDr Lorraine Gray is Technical Director of Marine Atlas Consultants. She has developed a reputation for providing a high quality, fully integrated and reliable service for a wide range of clients.

Since establishing as a Limited Company in 2012, Lorraine continues to get repeat business from SOTEAG developing the most comprehensive oil spill sensitivity maps in the UK. As an Associate Consultant with Xodus Group for five years, Lorraine provided commercial fisheries and fish ecology advice to EIA projects in renewables and oil & gas. This is based on the hassle free and reliable service provided, the rapid response and delivery on the ground, and the added value brought and sustained on projects.

Lorraine is a data and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) expert with over 13 years’ experience in the application of spatial and statistical analytical methods to environmental problem solving and her clients for consultancy work include industry (O&G), government (MMO and European Commission), NGOs (SNH and Scottish Coastal Forum) and academia (Marine Institute, Galway, and the University Centre of the Westfjords, Iceland).

Working on a Scottish Government-led project for seven years, Lorraine developed the UK’s first Marine Spatial Plan (policy) and Marine Atlas (data), setting precedence in this field. Lorraine is widely regarded as an early pioneer in marine spatial planning, having published scientific papers and spoken at many international and national conferences on the subject. More recently she worked for Marine Scotland Licensing Operations Team (MSLOT) leading on transmission cables, including PCIs; major ports including dredging; disturbance to European Protected Species; and seal licensing.

With over 17 years’ experience in consultancy and academia, Lorraine’s expertise is in delivering multi-disciplinary research based projects, with a particular focus on risk assessment and spatial analyses. All of these projects have been underpinned by strong stakeholder engagement. She has authored a comprehensive body of research covering a wide range of marine research themes including marine resource mapping and modelling, review and evaluation of marine plans, environmental statements, as well as authoring a marine spatial plan. Lorraine is mulitdisciplined and has provided training in oil spill planning to wildlife experts, marine spatial planning to planners as well as having taught and supervised undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Business Strategy

At Marine Atlas Consultants, the fundamental business strategy, is building long-term client relationships, and aiming to attract and retain clients by providing superior customer value.

Marine Atlas Consultants have strong business values to ensure an excellent customer service is provided. These include respecting client interest, providing a rapid response, and maintaining professionalism/scientific integrity at all times.

Fully Insured Organisation

Standard policy details that currently cover MA Consultants are presented below:

Professional Indemnity: £50,000

Public Liability: £2,000,000

Employers Liability: £10,000,000