aquaculture reportSpatial Trends in Aquaculture Potential in the South and East Coast Inshore and Offshore Marine Plan Areas.

This project was commissioned by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) to Marine Planning Consultants, with Marine Atlas Consultants acting as Scientific Lead, including authoring reports.

The project highlighted the spatial distribution of the natural resource limitations as well as features and activities that interact with aquaculture to delineate potential areas for development. Monetary values were subsequently assigned to areas where some development potential was identified and these areas were further categorised according to their suitability for development based on their proximity to supporting services.

The project utilised all available data sources, including stakeholder contacts and economic models, to provide a comprehensive characterisation of the potential areas. The outputs of this project will be used as a primary source of evidence for policy development by the MMO. It can be used as a tool by the aquaculture industry to maximize production whilst integrating emerging environmental, social and economic policies, as well as current and future legislation and guidance. Visit the MMO site to download a copy of the document….